Thursday, August 23, 2012

What's that? I have something on my face?

This past Saturday, I ran/walked in The Color Run with some of my awesome friends! Our team was cleverly named "Hue's Your Daddy?" (Thanks for the awesome name Jillian!) The Color Run is "the happiest 5K in the world" and it raises money to support autism research. It was my first 5K ever and I can honestly say that I was as happy as I ever get when it comes to running. (I should mention that my run is really more of a slow jog.) I saw so many people there that I knew! They said that there were 15,000 runners! As you run, volunteers on the side lines throw colored corn starch at you! By the end of the race, you end up looking crazy. We tried to get as colorful as possible!

Here is the always classy Allie Schenck after the race!

Cash joined us for the last K of the race!

At the end of the race, they have a huge dance party! They hand out more color packets and everyone starts throwing color around! It was my favorite part. Here are some of the Pennington's awesome dance moves...

This last picture is by far my favorite! This was during the dance party while we were all throwing up color! It needs to be in a frame.

After the race, several of us went to a Covenant Members Meeting at our church, August Gate. We missed the worship, but made it just in time to see the new covenant members get inducted. My brother-in-law Brady was the first person. I immediately started crying because I'm so excited that we are members of the same church family now too! (The older I get, the more happy tears I cry. It's obnoxious...) Brady and Karen are such a blessing to Blake and I. I really love that Brady is leading his wife and that he has a desire to be a leader! I love that Karen and I are sisters now. I couldn't have asked for anyone better! She has one of the best hearts out of anyone I know and I love her desire to grow more in her faith. I am just so overwhelmed by God's grace and goodness in our lives lately. We are so unworthy and he is so merciful.

It was a beautiful, long emotional day (and we get home from the meeting around 1:30)! After washing up as much as possible, I took a nice 4 hour nap and topped the day off with Adam, Amy and Blake at Dr.Jazz! We ate some delicious ice cream and discussed our future running plans! Maybe I'll actually start running regularly....we'll see...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Who's Who

Fun Facts: Angela thought her daddy had a magic head...and he did! Taylor has been an avid Creed fan since the 6th grade. Angela believes in the possible existance of Big Foot. Taylor loves monsters and classic books. They both started wearing glasses at age 7. They both live in a cute little town called Lebanon.

Anglea and her husband have been married for 26 years and they have two children, Taylor and Hunter. They are living thier dreams in their victorian home.

Taylor and her husband Blake have been married for almost 3 years. They just purchased their first home, The Baker Plantation, in December. Their home was built in 1870 and is in need of some TLC. Taylor is a hairstylist and her hair never stays the same very long (because that wouldn't be very fun).

This picture was drawn by my talented friend Amy Pennington! Look her up on

We plan on posting fun things about our lives! And just so you know, we have no idea what we are doing.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


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